Q&A Advisory have always been considered a Strategic Partner in many projects conducted by ScriptIT Solutions. With the help of Q&A Advisory, ScriptIT Solutions were able to win tenders, minimize cost and maximize profit helping our company grow and develop outstandingly, open regional offices and expand beyond boarders. I would recommend Q&A Advisory to any corporation that seek growth and development.

ScriptIT Solutions

With a carefully selected staff and consultancy professionals, Q&A Advisory is qualified to provide you with AAA grade services in Management, Human Resources and Information Technology.

What makes Q&A Advisory stand out from the rest is the fulfillment of assigned duties in the agreed time frame without the compromise on the outcome’s quality we we stick to our deadlines and deliver our commitments, putting the value and satisfaction of our clients above all.

Management Advisory

With Q&A Advisory, organizations are aided to improve their performance primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement. Such businesses may draw upon our services for gaining external advice and access to Q&A Advisory’s specialized expertise.

Human Resources Services

Strategic HR processes, programs and practices can integrated be into the daily operations of our clients to maximize the client’s performance related to human resources by introducing or marketing “best practice” products or services as well as to provide periodic feedback to clients regarding their attainment to annual management objectives.

Information Technology Consultancy

By implementing the most robust in systems and providing the latest in technology, Q&A Advisory guides businesses on how to best use information technology to meet their business objectives. In addition to that, we also accomplish estimates of management, implementation, deployment and administration of IT systems on businesses’ behalf. With the emerge of Cloud Computing […]